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The first city in Texas to move to completely renewable energy, Georgetown knows what efficiency really means!

Elite Heating & Air Conditioning is an AC installation company serving Georgetown that can install your new air conditioner. Some of the signs of an inefficient system include 10-15 years of age, uneven temperatures, and strange noises or odors emitted during operation.

If you’d like to increase your indoor comfort while saving money and helping the environment, consider upgrading to a high efficiency air conditioning unit. Here are some of the ways you can save right now:

  1. Texas Gas Rebate – up to $500
  2. Carrier Manufacture Rebate – up to $1,350
  3. Elite Heating & Air Discount – up to 20%

Common AC Issues

Here are a few examples:

  • Thermostat needs new batteries – This will cause your system to not turn on.
  • Filter is dirty and clogged – A dirty filter will cause your unit to blow warm air.
  • AC frequently turns on and off – Make sure all windows and doors are closed, and there is not a vent or fan blowing on the thermostat.

If these steps do not get your system back up and running, call Elite Heating & Air Conditioning for service. When it comes to air conditioning in Georgetown, we are the most trusted around. Give us a call today!

When to Replace Your Furnace

As the saying goes, “know when to hold them and know when to fold them.” If your furnace can be repaired, it is usually the most affordable and logical option.

However, it is frustrating and gets very costly when your furnace needs frequent repairs. It is at this point you should consider a furnace replacement. Also consider the size of your furnace. There is only one proper size furnace for your home, calculated by a number of factors such as square footage, number of floors, and level of insulation. BTUs (British Thermal Units) needed to heat your home are determined by this calculation. If the calculations are wrong and the wrong size furnace is installed, your heating bills will increase, the lifespan of the furnace is reduced, and many performance issues can arise, causing the need for frequent repairs. To find out if you have the right size furnace in your home, contact us! We are the best furnace and AC service Georgetown residents can trust for all their HVAC needs.