Austin Energy Rebate Program

The Austin energy rebate program can be quite complicated, even for those of us in the industry. However, it has a unique and well-funded energy efficiency rebate improvement program that is available to most homes that receive Austin Energy power. It has more money than it uses every year and Austin’s homeowners should SERIOUSLY look into how it could benefit them.

A typical older Austin home may be able to save 30 percent or more on their energy bills from utilizing this program while also making the home more comfortable. The expectation is that it will pay for itself within 5 years or less after the rebate. There is also a reduced rate loan that goes along with the program. The cost of the loan payment will probably be less than your efficiency gains.

The specific name of the program falls under “weatherization,” which can be confusing and overwhelming to some so it often goes underutilized due to lack of knowledge in the Austin community. We will try to provide some clarity so it doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming.

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What Is Weatherization?

Weatherization can help to increase your home or businesses energy efficiency through improvements in the following:

  • Insulation
  • Sealing holes and cracks around windows & doors
  • Replacing or tuning your HVAC system
  • Checking, repairing, or replacing ductwork

How The Austin Rebate Program Works

Essentially, the program provides approximately one third of the cost of 3 basic items in the home that affect the efficiencycomfort and safety of a home. By following this list of preventative procedures, you could decrease the price price of your energy bills while also earning a sizable rebate!