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Did you realize your AC unit requires regular HVAC repair and maintenance? When your air conditioner stops cooling your house properly, it’s often an unexpected, out-of-pocket expense and no fun for homeowners to deal with. All year long, Texas weather

7 Ways Poor Indoor Air Quality Could Be Hurting Your Home

          Indoor pollution is a bigger problem than you might realize because we often don’t think about it. While you may vacuum or dust on a regular basis, you could be missing a few things that are affecting the air quality

A road-map to coil cleaning!


          Most people get the oil in their car changed every few thousand miles or so, but rarely do people take the same care and consideration for a machine just as expensive and important, the

How to Identify a Common HVAC Scam


Q: Is the technician actually being thorough, or just saying so?  

A: Did the technician hook up a gauge to the outdoor unit? Did they take temperatures of the air coming in and


If you are searching for a new HVAC system you may hear the term manual J, or at least you may see the term in your online research. However, surprisingly few contractors that come to your home to give …

Whether you’re looking for the best ac repair Austin has to offer or do-it-yourself repair tips for fixing a malfunctioning AC, you’ve come to the right place! Here in the Lone Star State, and particularly in south and central Texas,

austin energy saving simplified

The Austin energy rebate program can be quite complicated, even for those of us in the industry. However, it has a unique and well-funded energy efficiency rebate improvement program that is available to most homes that receive Austin Energy power. …

It seems the flu is unavoidable this year!  When allergies and ways to avoid the flu become a common conversation starter while the temperatures are dropping, and coworkers and friends are dropping like flies as they succumb to the dreaded …

7 DIY HVAC Repairs

**Please Note: HVAC professionals exist for a reason and if you, for any reason, feel something is too far outside of your comfort zone, please don’t hesitate to Contact an HVAC Expert.**
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Austin, TX is the place we call …

We may not remember it, but there was a time when Texas residents didn’t use air conditioning to keep cool during the summer. Can you imagine doing that in the Austin Summer Heat? That’s exactly why we’ve put together these …