One of the most overlooked and important components of the home heating and air conditioning process are the giant tubes running beyond the sheetrock where no one can see them, aka your ductwork. Your ducts are important to the proper distribution of air to your home in the same way that a straw is important when you’re drinking a beverage at a restaurant. If the straw has a hole in it, it is difficult to get enough liquid, if it is blocked by ice or pulp or is too small, you may be unable to get any liquid at all. Make sure the ducts in your home are functioning efficiently and consider the following.
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As many Austinites can attest after getting their heating and cooling bills, Austin Energy’s rates and surrounding counties and cities can still hit the budget hard. So as the temperatures drop this winter, your heating bill goes up. According to the US Department of Energy, your heating accounts for about 30% of your energy use for the entire year, which is why the EPA recommends energy efficient upgrades. This means that your furnace is the largest energy consumer in your home. If you can save energy on your heating, you can save on heating bills too! It will significantly reduce your overall energy consumption and utility bills if you follow the following tips. Here are a few easy tips that we put together to help you save energy without sacrificing comfort. Read more