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The ever-changing technologies and codes can be overwhelming, but Elite has you covered, we take a personalized approach for each HVAC design job to make sure it is done right. From a detailed load calculations, to designing each house in the field, to working with homeowners and architects, we ensure all parties are completely satisfied with the design, installation, and product.

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Fresh Air Ventilation

Newer homes are built to not allow much air from the outside into the house, creating a very tight envelope. Having a tight home is great for energy efficiency, but a balance must be achieved so that the correct amount of the air in the home is mixed with air from the outside.

If this balance is not achieved, unhealthy fumes from the stove, bathroom humidity and toxins used in household products get trapped inside the house and can create an unhealthy environment. Elite Heating and Air Conditioning uses an automated damper system within the ductwork to achieve this balance.

This damper is controlled by a timer so that the correct amount of fresh air is circulated into the home and can be monitored. A temperature and humidity detector is also used which will not allow the fresh air to enter the home when it is extremely hot or humid outside. Time and temperature monitors are pre-set by the technician so you should not have to worry about doing anything after your system is installed. Not all air conditioning and heating companies take fresh air ventilation seriously, but to do the job right it is an important component. Elite Heating and Air Conditioning wants to make sure that your family breathes fresh air.

Right-Sizing & Load Calculations

Every year energy codes become more stringent and homes become better insulated and less air is allowed into the home from the exterior.

Load Calculations, also known as the “manual J” program, are done on every house Elite A/C installs. In some cases, using old rules of thumb instead of the manual J program can even leave you with mold growth and extremely high humidity.

Correctly sizing the system with the Manual J load calculation program is a must to ensuring that the system will run long enough to remove humidity and make your home efficient and comfortable.

    review rating 5  Ugh, I hate spending money on non-fun things but being warm in winter and cool in summer, here in Austin, is a necessity one must prioritize I suppose. I had to have my HVAC [originally from the 60's] in my condo replaced. Both the unit inside my condo as well as the unit on the roof, which involved the use of a crane. I did my due diligence and got 3 bids from 3 different companies. Elite was the only one that showed up exactly at our appointment date/time. First impressions! Their bid came in just slightly higher than the other two but you get what you pay for. Their service from beginning to end was excellent. The two gentlemen sent to do the installation, Trey and Calen, were on their A game. They even made sure they left no mess behind in my condo or on the property. Courteous in every way and professionals in their craft. From general observation they were in constant contact with each other between my unit and the rooftop. If it's possible to request these guys, do so. Thanks!

    thumb Robert Prosser

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