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Our mission is to make sure our customers enjoy comfortable, satisfying indoor air for many seasons to come. We will get the job done on time and on budget, every time.

33-Point Inspection OR Diagnostic
Replacement Special
$500 (Plus Rebates) Off Replacement
FREE Estimates & Second Opinions
Up to $3,500 In Total Rebates & Incentives
We'll do all the work for you to see what you're qualified for!
Service Plan Discount
30% OFF
Regular Price: $179
Includes Bi-Annual (Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer) 33-Point inspections on both furnace and air conditioner. Includes both inside and outside unit, additional units not included. Call for details.

Residential Services:


Commercial Services:

  • Services for Commercial locations including restaurants, businesses, office locations, etc
  • Furnace and Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance
  • Weatherization
  • Refrigeration

What Sets Us Apart?

For any kind of heater service or air conditioning installation, Austin, Texas residents will tell you the same name – Elite Heating and Air Conditioning. Many people come to Elite AC in Austin because of our low prices, rebates, and specials, but they stay and continue to use us for years to come because we are dedicated to“completing every job on time and on budget.”
Our highly trained technicians can tackle any commercial or residential project, so contact us today and feel the cool air in no time.


Natural Gas Rebates

Upgrade and save.

Elite is recognized as a part of Austin Energy’s Home Performance with Energy Star program. We can help you earn money saving rebates and incentives with your preferred Austin Energy contractor.

An upgrade to a more energy efficient heating or air conditioning unit can keep you comfortable all year long also save you money on your energy bills – up to 20% each month!

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