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5 star rating"Elite" says it all. This is THE team to hire when you experience- let's just say it-a flaw in your HVAC system. I did, and Elite Air Conditioning and Plumbing solved all.

HA! An 8 year new system went rogue. Simply a small "whoops" during construction led by a wonderful GC working to effect the best. But not the fault of the perfect install that Elite did. To the point of exceeding City inspectors.

Elite Air Conditioning and Plumbing investigated my HVAC issues completely. Absolutely found the "flaw." Gary , Leonard and all the crew wizards worked to find the elegant- and fairly inexpensive- solution. I have gratitude for all who did this. Hey- my home's climate is great now. And it didn't change the appeal of my home!

Here's where Elite AC/Plumbing shines: they investigate and then give you a QUOTE. Not the silly "estimates" you get from lesser companies. Pros know, and I actually paid for the exact amount the pros at Elite quoted.

Homeowners? Don't walk but RUN to Elite Air Conditioning and Plumbing. Please consider their annual service contract. Small dollars and you will ALWAYS be remembered. Come rain or shine or freeze or extreme heat.

Last but not least: Kyle-You and your co-ownership at Elite helped me calm my panic. And here's the fun thing: I did have a couple of the "other guys" in for "estimates". HA! As soon as they saw that I was your customer they declined to bid. Why? Because Elite Air Conditioning and Plumbing is unmatched. Even the "big" competitors know it!

Thank you.
Laurie S. Avatar
Laurie S.
Ryan was here as fast as possible and had the AC back on within 20 minutes. He is a true life saver. I will ONLY be working with him moving forward. Fair price too. Thanks again!
AJ P. Avatar
Elite was very responsive when our lower level AC system died. They came quickly to our home, provided us with all our options, were competitively priced (not the case for some of the other quotes we received) and got the new system installed quickly. Leonard the sales manager was excellent. Installers were great. And Gary who came the next day to ensure all was done properly was very helpful. I also appreciate that the office staff answered the phone every time and were very helpful! Thank you Elite.
Renee W. Avatar
Renee W.
Elite to the rescue! Tyler was a great communicator letting us know when to expect him since I called late Saturday night. He arrived on time (9am Sunday) and educated me along the way as he was resolving the issue.
Great experience and we are cooling off once again! Based on this experience I would definitely recommend Elite. Thanks Tyler & Elite 🫡
Paul S. Avatar
Paul S.
This was our first time to use Elite and it was a great experience. The team was at our house very quickly after our initial call and they stayed on the job until after 8pm to make sure we were all taken care of. Great experience would highly recommend these folks!
aaroddy M. Avatar
aaroddy M.
We had an amazing plumber come out named Tomage I believe? He was extremely knowledgeable, professional, willing to find ALL the issues and fixed them quick! Highly recommend this company and this employee!
Ashley F. Avatar
Ashley F.
We were extremely pleased with the service we received by Elite Air Conditioning. Your technician figured out the problem with our upstairs air conditioning unit, repaired it and discovered another impending problem in a part in the downstairs unit that would need to be replaced in the next couple of months. We were able to go ahead and order the part and will have it installed before that A/C unit fails and leaves us sweltering in the heat of the summer. We sincerely appreciate all the fine service Elite Air Conditioning has provided to us over the years.
Sheri R. Avatar
Sheri R.
Daymond came out and diagnosed the issue and replace galvanized. He was professional, knowledgeable, kind, friendly. We’re very happy with the service. Thank you Daymond! If you want good quality and reasonable price. Highly recommended Elite company!
Leeza C. Avatar
Leeza C.
In the middle of a wild heat wave, Elite was able to get us on the schedule the day after I called! Caelan was knowledgeable and helpfully (and patiently!) answered all of my questions while he got our system up and running again. I’d recommend Elite heartily to anyone needing a new unit or service!
Rachel C. Avatar
Rachel C.
Had my A/C go out on a Friday afternoon, and reached out to Elite that evening. Caelen (their on-call tech) was great about keeping me up to date on when he’d be able to fit me into his schedule, and had my A/C back up and running in short order the next day. Moreover, he walked me through the issue, and was diligent in noticing (and getting a second opinion from a coworker) an instance where the wiring of my system didn’t match what he was expecting from the diagram.

Even though it was an “emergency hours” service call, I felt the fee was reasonable, and between the good communication and quick service I’ll be keeping Elite in mind in the future!
Kevin Z. Avatar
Kevin Z.
Can't say enough good things about Elite. We have used them for several years now, and always get more than we expected with respect to our seasonal inspections in the way of comprehensive, professional care. Have to single out Leonard for all of his suggestions and helpful insights into yesterday's appointment. Made for me a better understanding of the interconnectivity of the A/C systems: The whole equation gives me peace of mind. Thank you all for keeping us pleasantly seasonally-adjusted!
bravominkia Avatar
Super impressed with Elite in the annual cleaning offer, quick scheduling of appointment (Susie in the office was great!) and particularly Alex the technition who did the service quickly and was also flexible with me around accessing the property. He had the parts needed for a couple of repairs with him and did those immediately (I was worried they would need to be ordered and a second appointment set up!). 5 stars all around
Sarah M. Avatar
Sarah M.
Our Mitsubishi split air conditioner coil had a leak and Elite was able to work with Mitsubishi to get the coil covered under warranty. The cost was about 15% less than a competing company and they were able to do the work while I wasn't able to be home. The team was communicative throughout and we're back up and running!

The only constructive feedback I'd share is a better ability to get information from the main office. I had wanted more information on how warranty coverage worked since I was under a tight timeline and the expense could be high, however I was told I had to wait until the tech came on site. I sent another email to the President of the company as they encouraged customers to do via a customer service email but never heard back. Ultimately the tech came on site and I got what I needed but thought it was strange I couldn't get more info ahead of time.
Matt R. Avatar
Matt R.
This is the second time we have used Elite air conditioning and plumbing. They are always responsive, courteous, and professional. Caelan was the technician that came back to our home on both occasions. He is very knowledgeable, quickly diagnosed the issue. The part needed to prepare our air conditioner, was on the truck and he had us up and running within one hour of arrival. I would recommend elite air conditioning and plumbing to anyone!
Kristin W. Avatar
Kristin W.
Dakota and Zack came out to locate a leak in my plumbing system after recent foundation work. They were very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. They were able to locate the issue and will be coming back to repair the issue.

Veronica was very friendly and informative when she called to confirm what Dakota and Zack told me. She quickly sent a link for payment and a quote for the repair service that I needed.

Overall, the process was quick and efficient, which made everything easy. I would definitely recommend their services.
Eric B. Avatar
Eric B.
I’ve used Elite Air Conditioning and Plumbing twice now and have been very satisfied with it all. Staff have been responsive, kind, professional and easy to work with. Antonio did a great job assisting me and explained everything clearly. Thanks!
Alex D. Avatar
Alex D.
I called Elite in the morning and they had 2 technicians out by early in the afternoon. Super responsive and easy to work with. Caelan and Landon were very professional, understanding and considerate that I worked from home and would need to be on some Zoom meetings while they worked, identified the issues quickly and thoroughly, and repaired them on the spot. They then gladly talked me through and showed me everything they had done and why. They finished very quickly and had sent me a bill via text and email that I could pay from my phone before even leaving my place. Much easier process than anyone else I’ve ever used and the price was very reasonable. The most professional home repair or installation people I’ve ever worked with. Really appreciated their work.
Slade S. Avatar
Slade S.
Great Job, Very responsive. They showed up when they say they would. Same Tech every time. Very knowledgeable. We had several other companies look at the issue only Jeff found the problem and corrected it. They return phone calls in a timely manor and will keep you update on the process. We needed to order equipment and Aubrey was excellent in tracking the equipment and updating me. As soon as the equipment came in we the tech was scheduled to come out to install. The amount quoted was the amount billed, they did not ad on a bunch of unexpected costs. I would recommend and use Elite services again.
We've been using Elite for all of our air conditioning and HVAC needs ever since they were selected by our builder to install our back-house system. We were impressed by them and hired them to install 2 new miniskirts and a redesign of our central HVAC as part of a renovation of our main house. Since then they have maintained our system on a regular basis end we couldn't be happier with their service. They're very responsive, organized, communicative, reasonably priced, alwaus on time, and very knowledgeable. I especially love their text platform which makes communication super convenient.

One of their technicians, Caelan, has done most of the work on the minisplits and is just a great guy. We've used other services in the past with mixed results but Elite is our one stop shop for anything HVAC related. Fully recommend.
Cyrus T. Avatar
Cyrus T.
I couldn’t be happier with Elite. They installed two Mitsubishi Mini Splits for me a couple years ago and do an amazing job. I had a tech out today as we were having an issue with our drain line (not their fault obviously) and the tech recognized the issue and fixed it very quickly. He was clean, efficient and friendly. I highly recommend Elite!
Mike Antis Avatar
Mike Antis