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5 star rating"Elite" says it all. This is THE team to hire when you experience- let's just say it-a flaw in your HVAC system. I did, and Elite Air Conditioning and Plumbing solved all.

HA! An 8 year new system went rogue. Simply a small "whoops" during construction led by a wonderful GC working to effect the best. But not the fault of the perfect install that Elite did. To the point of exceeding City inspectors.

Elite Air Conditioning and Plumbing investigated my HVAC issues completely. Absolutely found the "flaw." Gary , Leonard and all the crew wizards worked to find the elegant- and fairly inexpensive- solution. I have gratitude for all who did this. Hey- my home's climate is great now. And it didn't change the appeal of my home!

Here's where Elite AC/Plumbing shines: they investigate and then give you a QUOTE. Not the silly "estimates" you get from lesser companies. Pros know, and I actually paid for the exact amount the pros at Elite quoted.

Homeowners? Don't walk but RUN to Elite Air Conditioning and Plumbing. Please consider their annual service contract. Small dollars and you will ALWAYS be remembered. Come rain or shine or freeze or extreme heat.

Last but not least: Kyle-You and your co-ownership at Elite helped me calm my panic. And here's the fun thing: I did have a couple of the "other guys" in for "estimates". HA! As soon as they saw that I was your customer they declined to bid. Why? Because Elite Air Conditioning and Plumbing is unmatched. Even the "big" competitors know it!

Thank you.
Laurie S. Avatar
Laurie S.
Leaving a five star review in the hopes that you’ll take your extremely annoying ad off the air and replace it with something reasonable. Your commercial makes you sound annoying and disingenuous. I can tell you guys have a great company but I genuinely hate the music in your ad, and find it incredibly annoying. It’s a terrible ad. Please stop making us hear this horrible attempt at music. I’ve been playing music since for 23 years, and I’m 29 and I can say that this ad is objectively offensive to the senses. Please stop, for the love of god. Replace it with something like actual real customer testimonials or Jesus, let Bob announce your company on 93.7. I would be 1,000 times more likely to use your company if you would just let Bob handle this. This commercial is likely pissing people off to the point where they don’t even want to hear your company name (I’m sorry for the overly callous nature of my review), however, heck, it’s five stars. Please, please oblige me. That song is so annoying and awful. Whoever recorded this should quit music
Conner I. Avatar
Conner I.
Thomas and Dakota were sent out because i was sure I had a small water leak. No tail tale signs any where. My Flo water meter was showing continuous water flow. Not a lot of information to go. Thomas and Dakota not only pinpointed the problem quickly but fixed the leak with the least disruption to my property. Their level of expertise and skill were among the best I haver seen. They were courteous and professional. They answered all our questions and advise us of what to look for going forward. These are defiantly the type of plumbers you want in your house.
larry L. Avatar
larry L.
Jon was great! He checked on both of my American Standard units and change my air filters. He didn’t have the size of filters I needed on his truck and he waited for me to pick them up from the store which was extremely kind and not required for him to do!
Dawn M. Avatar
Dawn M.
My HVAC was installed by Elite and I also have bi-annual maintenance set up with them. Calvin came out today for the spring check-up and provided great service and insight. He gave me some useful, easy tips on how I can ensure the system is running optimally between check-ups. I appreciated his professional and friendly nature. Also, the Elite heating and air (and plumbing) jingle goes hard and lives rent-free in my head.
Max R. Avatar
Max R.
Great experience with Elite AC and Plumbing. John came out to my house that was struggling to cool. Within minutes, he let me know that I was low on refrigerant, and then proceeded to walk me through my options and help me make the best decision for my situation. Happy customer, will be calling Elite for my AC needs in the future!
Blake A. Avatar
Blake A.
Damon was fantastic! We were in a pinch when our rental house toilets and sinks started backing up. Another company told us it was a $10,000 fix, that we needed a new grinder pump. Damon came out quickly, communicated effectively and efficiently, and FIXED the existing pump for less than 1/10th the price! Super impressed with the responsiveness and work ethic at this company. We will definitely be calling them first in the future for any plumbing needs!
Katherine D. Avatar
Katherine D.
They have consistently been helpful, friendly and punctual. I can count on them. Jessica went above and beyond in finding an apt. to an a/c predicament. A fair price and they are just great to work with! I love Elite Air Conditioning and Plumbing!
Elizabeth M. Avatar
Elizabeth M.
Cannot say enough positive things about Talmage and Elite. Top quality individual. Spent all day at my property helping to identify a leak and getting my pizza oven to work. Will definitely use him again in the future!
alison p. Avatar
alison p.
Incredible experience. Tom / Thomas, our plumber, helped solve all of our problems in a professional, efficient, and affordable manner. He helped diagnose problems and made sure to not leave the job until everything was working properly. I would recommend him 10/10 and am very pleased with my service.
Karissa J. Avatar
Karissa J.
The plumber (Thomas) was very professional and just a nice person. He explained everything in advance and then walked me through the work. He also waited while I finished up a zoom meeting! A leak can be very stressful - especially while working from home- and he fixed it quickly while I worked in the background. This was one of the best experiences we have had with a plumber! Thank you!
Stephanie M. Avatar
Stephanie M.
I had the hardest time locating our air filter system in the house we rent and eventually found it with their contact info to replace it. I have never received such a fast response nor schedule for someone to arrive and replace our filter! The gentleman they sent was also exceptional. After calling to schedule service, we had someone within the hour at our house to replace. If I could rate this place 10 stars, I would. Truly professional, amazing customer service and timely! Thank you again!
J V. Avatar
J V.
Elite was able to fit me into their schedule extremely quick. Our entire building was out of water due to a major leak at our main line. Everyone was out for multiple days to service us and Jennifer was able to have some here within a few hours. The technician was very professional and had the main valve replaced within an hour of showing up. We will definitely be a repeat customer and I highly recommend this company for any service you may need.
Brandon K. Avatar
Brandon K.
Had a wonderful experience with Sasha. He was very timely, professional and efficient fixing an issue in our system. He was also very patient with all my questions and took his valuable time to make sure I understood everything. If ever we need an HVAC professional again, I will definitely be asking for Sasha.
Dana G. Avatar
Dana G.
Would highly recommend Elite to anyone! Learning you have to get your entire HVAC system replaced can be very stressful, but this team made it as stress-free as possible. Everything from the initial inspection with Kyle, to scheduling with Jessica, to the actual installation where Calvin and John had to spend an entire day at my home lugging old equipment out and new equipment up into my tiny attic (on a very tight ladder) - they were efficient and so pleasant to work with! Not only was the team great, but Elite's costs came in at the lowest of my 3 quotes. Hands down 5/5 stars!
Jojo P. Avatar
Jojo P.
Elite was able to fit me into their schedule quickly. The technician was very helpful and thorough in explaining the repairs that needed to be completed on my heater.
Becky H. Avatar
Becky H.
Mr “Red” was a God send! Came right out. He evaluated the issue and the thing I most loved was his integrity! He fixed the leak in no time at all. It was the best experience I felt confident in his abilities and it was very refreshing to call a plumber in your time of need and don’t feel like you are going to get ripped off! For any plumbing needs I will call elite
Francine M. Avatar
Francine M.
The entire process was awesome with Elite. Our rep Leonard was a straight shooter and didn't try to sell me stuff I didn't need. Our installers, Preston and Calvin, were amazing! Definitely people and a company I plan to do business with for years to come. Great job Elite!
Andre H. Avatar
Andre H.
So thankful for Elite and Talmage! Our pilot light wouldn’t stay lit so we didn’t have hot water. I called first thing this morning and Talmage was at my door in under an hour! He was super quick and knowledgeable.

I found the diagnostic fee reasonable and it was waived with service which I found the pricing pretty fair.
Ashley S. Avatar
Ashley S.
Talmage and crew at Elite Air Conditioning & Plumbing did a fantastic job replumbing our water line from the street to our house. Although it was an unexpected large expense, they did a great job, explained everything well, and I will now be using them for any plumbing problems I have in the future.
alice 4. Avatar
alice 4.