HVAC Storm and Restoration Services

When the weather outside is frightful, count on our expert HVAC storm restoration services.

The weather in Austin, Texas can be…fickle, to say the least. One minute it’s 80 degrees and sunshine and the next minute it’s 45 degrees and hailing. When the weather changes this quickly, it can lead to property damage, hail damage, or other home insurance claims that will need to be dealt with quickly. Storm and restoration services are usually needed quickly, this is why Elite AC & Plumbing has implemented 24/7 Emergency Services just for this very reason.

If you have questions or concerns about filing a claim with your insurance company about storm damage, Call Us Now! An Elite AC Representative is standing by 24/7 and we will help handle your HVAC damage claim with ease and efficiency.

24/7 HVAC Storm Restoration Emergency Services in Austin, TX

Storm restoration services cover things like hail damage, lightning strikes, floods, and fire damage that can all wreak havoc on your indoor or outdoor HVAC system. After the water, smoke, or hail damage clears, call Elite AC & Plumbing to rescue your HVAC system! We work with insurance companies after intense storms to restore your home’s safety and health. This includes storm restoration services like; ductwork restoration, outdoor HVAC unit upgrades or replacements, and more.

Even if the storm damage doesn’t occur in the whole house or seemingly affects your HVAC system, a restoration project may still be necessary.

Storm Restoration and Damage Related Services Include:

  • Home repairs from smoke damage can affect the safety of your ductwork and cause damage to your air conditioner’s electrical wiring in the walls.
  • Flooding in your home can cause parts of the outdoor HVAC unit to go bad including needing to replace parts like the condenser, coil, drain lines, and refrigerant lines, flooding can also create issues with low voltage wiring and several other issues.
  • Hail damage services may be needed for your outdoor HVAC unit due to problems not detected by the naked eye like pressure issues, copper line damage, and more.

Elite Provides HVAC Services to The City of Austin and Surrounding Areas

Our 24/7 AC repair services are available throughout the city of Austin and its surrounding suburbs. Visit one of our location pages for your specific area/city to learn more about the neighborhoods we serve and the services we provide.



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