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Extend The Life of Your AC With Seasonal Tune-Ups From Elite AC

Seasonal AC tune-ups keep your cooling systems running efficiently throughout the year in Austin’s highest temperatures. On average, over 80% of central air conditioning repairs could have been avoided with proper maintenance. An air conditioner is a big investment. Take care of your unit with professional maintenance from Elite AC.

Without regular oil changes, your car won’t run efficiently. The same goes for your air conditioner. Without proper maintenance, your air conditioner can’t be expected to live as long or function properly. Joining our maintenance program or scheduling seasonal AC tune-ups will ensure that your air conditioner runs smoothly for years to come.

Signs My AC Unit Is In Need of a Tune-Up 

The best time of year to tune up your AC unit is the end of spring before the temperatures climb in Austin. Ensuring your AC system is working efficiently will guarantee a cooler home and more affordable energy bills throughout the summer months. If you notice any of the following signs, you may need an AC tune-up: 

  • The airflow is weak at the registers
  • Drastic temperature variations from room-to-room 
  • Strange noises or unusual smells when the system is turned on 
  • Mold or air quality issues as a direct result of humidity 
  • Warm air omitted from your AC unit 

Annual AC Tune-Ups Will Save You Time & Money in the Long Run

Summer months are the prime time for AC repair services throughout the city of Austin. By scheduling a tune-up before your AC unit stops working, you will have an easier time getting an appointment due to the urgent need for AC repairs and replacements at this time. Preventative measures including tune-ups, inspections, and necessary adjustments will always be more affordable than fixing a broken AC. Avoiding breakdowns to your AC unit is possible with annual checkups at the bare minimum. Tune-ups are also shown to cause a reduction in energy costs. Constantly running your AC unit during the summer months will result in an accumulation of dirt, dust, and other elements on your AC unit’s condenser coils, reducing the overall efficiency of the unit. Regularly lubricating the system and removing clogs formed in the condensate drain have the potential of saving you up to 15% of energy costs each summer. 

Protect & Extend the Life of Your AC Investment 

If you have purchased a new AC unit in the last couple of years, regular maintenance will help protect your investment for years to come. Regular maintenance from an HVAC professional is required by major manufacturers to fulfill their promises on warranty. Without a doubt, a regularly maintained AC unit will outperform one that never receives maintenance services. Taking care of your AC unit will cost you less in repairs and premature replacement down the road. 

Affordable AC Tune-Up Services in the Austin Area 

Some of the following tune-up services Elite provides Austin area residents include: 

  • Inspection and cleaning of condensation coils 
  • Monitoring coolant levels
  • Lubricating your AC units parts to ensure efficient operation 
  • Thermostat calibration 
  • Tightening electrical connectors 
  • Inspection of the blower motor and belt 
  • Safety inspection 
  • Ductwork inspection for proper air distribution 

Elite Provides AC Tune-Ups Throughout The City of Austin and Surrounding Areas

Our 24/7 AC tune-ups are available throughout the city of Austin and surrounding suburbs. Visit one of our location pages for your specific area/city to learn more about the neighborhoods we serve and the services we provide.

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