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Is your heater ready for the cold weather? Be ready this winter with a heater tune-up from Elite AC.

Most homeowners in Austin associate the health of their HVAC equipment with getting them through the hot, sticky, summer months. Maintenance of your heating and air conditioning unit is a year-round investment. Yes, your system needs a tune-up in spring before the summer heat arrives. But it also needs one in the fall before the cold weather reaches central Texas.

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system will ensure it will run efficiently, last longer, and cut down on costly repairs. It’s estimated that four out of five heater repair calls could have been prevented if a tune-up had taken place. So make sure your heater is ready for chilly weather with a tune-up from the professionals at Elite AC!

Signs Your Heater Needs Tune-Up Servicing

Annual furnace maintenance will ensure it is working properly for years to come. Aside from the general maintenance, it is normal for there to be hick-ups in the mechanics from time to time. To prevent these issues from occurring during the height of winter months, it is important to inspect your furnace earlier on in the season. Some of the problems you may encounter with your furnace include the following:

  • Issues with the system’s airflow
  • Clogged filters
  • Issues with the ignition control system
  • Errors in the thermostat

Why Choose Elite For Your Furnace Tune-Ups

The professionals at Elite HVAC are prepared to do a complete inspection of your furnace and provide the services necessary to maintain the life of your system. Some of the things we typically check for include:

  • Checking the limits and safeties
  • Examining and calibrating your furnace’s thermostat
  • Checking and adjusting the gas valve if needed
  • Inspecting the chimney
  • Checking the amp drawer on your furnace’s blower motor

By performing these maintenance services, not only can you rely on your furnace to carry you through the upcoming winter months you can rely on your furnace to sustain you for years to come.

Elite Provides Furnace Tune-Ups Throughout The Austin Area

Elite’s certified technicians are dedicated to improving the life of your furnace with our comprehensive maintenance and tune-up services.  We provide a variety of commercial and residential HVAC services from AC and heating repair and installation to air purification and coil cleaning. To learn more about the different areas we service, visit our different location pages today!


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