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Air Conditioning is the most modern invention that is essential with the sole purpose of making the indoor environment comfortable. Americans spend billions of dollars every year keeping their homes cool and comfortable in the summer season.

What is HVAC and how does it work?

new HVAC offers energy savings

Your AC uses electricity and coolant liquid to reduce the temperature of the air, while sending hot air outside and cool air inside. Ductwork is the transit system for hot and cold air throughout the home. It moves it throughout the interior of your home. The thermostat acts as the brain of your system.

The HVAC consumes a significant amount of energy. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, around half of our home’s energy use goes toward heating and cooling our homes. A more energy efficient HVAC System will help you save energy and money across your home. Regular HVAC system repairs are expensive and means spending more money than your budget may allow.

A home that is not comfortable is no home at all. If your system never seems to get you to that comfortable place, it will be worth it to buy a new HVAC System. This is possibly the number one sign it’s time to replace your system. When you no longer feel comfortable in your own home, you know it’s time to say goodbye to your outdated HVAC System.

Many times, it is one of the first signs your HVAC is on it’s way out; no matter what you set your thermostat to, your home is never cool enough. Yet somehow you still face huge utility bills each month. If your system isn’t doing the job anymore, it’s time to move on. As a homeowner, one of the hardest questions you will ever ask yourself is “do I repair, or replace my HVAC?” While it might seem thrifty to repair your system, the more economical decision is often to replace.

Most families do not have the expertise of answering the big question, should they repair or replace? Replacing your HVAC system is an investment, so it’s good to educate yourself on when to replace your HVAC System.

How you can save energy and money by upgrading from your old air conditioner to a more efficient model?

An aging HVAC system is going to break down more often. There is a significant amount of energy, and cost savings when you switch from an inefficient, worn-out heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system to a new energy-efficient model.

This is why at Elite Heating and Air Conditioning we recommend installing Trane AC units, which can significantly reduce energy consumption. So, whether you replace a 10-year-old window or central AC unit with a Trane model, you can cut your cooling costs, while putting money back into your pocket. This is especially true if you live in hot, humid climates. A high efficiency air conditioner is an investment in your home comfort and safety.

As HVAC systems age they become less energy efficient and may need to be replaced. When is a good time to replace my AC?

It is interesting, heating and cooling systems account for almost 50 percent of a household’s electricity bill. Today’s HVAC systems are designed to be more energy efficient. You’ll want to make sure and look for air conditioners with the Energy Star label and a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) of 14 and higher. The higher the rating, the more energy efficient it is. Be assured, here at Elite Heating and AC, we use Trane, who has partnered with the EPA to label their high-efficiency systems with the ENERGY STAR label. We want you, homeowners to easily identify those higher-efficiency products that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions on our environment, while reducing your annual energy bill.

A new air conditioning unit is a major expense that most homeowners do not plan for, even if there are signs the system is failing. We understand, you may need to postpone and delay the replacement of your AC for certain reasons. However, it does make little sense to continue shelling more money on repairs and replacements for an old AC system that has already outlived its lifespan.

There are a few key things to look for when you are buying a new energy-efficient air conditioner. How to help keep your energy bill and the temperature in your home low?

Air conditioner sizing is the single most important factor to consider when purchasing an air conditioning system. Properly sizing your air conditioner is important to ensure your home is being cooled without wasting excess energy. A too-large unit will not cool the air faster or better, but leave the air damp and clammy. A too-small unit will have to work overtime to maintain the set temperature, which drives up your energy bill.

Air conditioners work by reducing the humidity and reducing the temperature. Modern high efficiency AC systems have features with variable speed motors that work to remove impurities from the air and ensure consistent airflow. This means, you as a homeowner are likely to enjoy better air quality and more regulated temperatures in your home. They also operate quietly, as opposed to older systems. In addition to running more efficiently at a cheaper cost, new AC systems are also leaving their mark on the environment by being greener and a safer form of cooling happening in your home or office.

Contact the licensed technicians at Elite Heating and Air Conditioning to help you understand the correct model you need for your size space. Our belief is that honesty, integrity, and hard work are what makes us successful as individuals and as a company, we live and work by these beliefs every day.

Have you forgotten to turn down the thermostat when no one is home or in the office?

Well, everyone has done it. Here is another way to save energy and costs. We recommend increasing your HVAC energy efficiency with an automated system that controls your lights, and the thermostat. You can always adjust the controls to go on or off on your schedule. Smart Thermostats give you the ability to remotely adjust the comfort settings of your HVAC system. These Smart Thermostats allow you to control your home’s heating and cooling comfort remotely from your electronic devices (laptop, tablet, mobile).

So, the next time you run out and forget to adjust the thermostat, no worries. Simply pull up the online app and adjust your setting in seconds and CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE. The cool features of these Smart Thermostats provide convenience, and they can significantly reduce your energy bills.

Homeowners wanting to upgrade their cooling system should consider investing in a high efficiency Trane Air Conditioners. HVAC energy efficiency starts with a mindset of using less and getting the most out of what you have.

You don’t need to be struggling with an inefficient HVAC system and high energy bills. The savings, you will enjoy from a more energy-efficient system will eventually offset the initial installation cost. To learn more about the benefits of installing an energy efficient air conditioning unit, we will gladly answer any questions that you might have. Elite Heating and Air Conditioning is available 24/7 and our quality service is guaranteed. Stay cool while saving money this summer, so give us a call today at (512)368-8590!